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Lexicomp Online for Dentistry

Lexicomp Online Packages

Lexicomp Online for Dentistry Basic

Basic Package

Putting patient safety first with thorough dental-specific pharmacology and drug interactions screening

Dental Drug References

Pro Package

Advancing clinical practice with dental-specific pharmacology, state-of-the-art lesion diagnosis tool, and on-the-go mobile access

Dental Drug Reference and ePrescribing

Premium Package

Bringing together medication safety, clinical diagnosis tools, and electronic prescribing in one comprehensive resource

Mobile Apps

Lexicomp Mobile Apps

Lexicomp Mobile App

Lexicomp Dental Mobile Basic

This resource is for dental professionals seeking information on commonly prescribed medications and supplemental products. The industry-leading print reference, the Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry, is derived from this Dental Lexi-Drugs database.

Drug Reference on Mobile Devices

Lexicomp Dental Mobile Pro

Lexicomp Dental Mobile Pro offers you the essentials for your dental practice. Access to drug databases and decision support tools support you in your clinical decision making. Make your decisions easily, with confidence, and at the point of care.

Drug Reference on Devices

Lexicomp Dental Mobile Premium

The Lexicomp Dental Premium mobile package provides you with full access to our extensive library of dental drug content. When handling a complex procedure or treating a patient with sensitive medical conditions, the Lexicomp Dental Premium Mobile package equips you with the content you need to support you in your clinical decision making. Gain access to content databases, decision support modules and tools, Lexi-Interact for mobile, and VisualDx Oral, an oral lesion diagnosis tool, all at the point of care.

Little Dental Drug Booklet App

Starting at $30

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Lexicomp ePrescribing

Lexicomp ePrescribe

The only dental-specific electronic prescribing solution integrated with valuable Lexicomp medication decision support resources.

With an easy-to-use interface, Lexicomp ePrescribe is a Web-based tool for dentists to create and send prescriptions electronically to retail and mail order pharmacies. With built-in drug information to help you make safer prescribing decisions, Lexicomp ePrescribe can help you comply with government requirements and enhance efficiency and patient care:

  • Transmit prescriptions electronically – even controlled substances
  • Review patients’ stored medication lists
  • Enhance patient safety with integrated decision support, like drug allergy and interaction screening, Medication Safety Check, and more
  • Save time and reduce miscommunication with the pharmacy

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Lexicomp Books and Manuals

For decades, dentists' choice for concise, relevant drug information!

  • Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry

    Drug Information Handbook


  • Oral Soft Tissue Diseases

    Oral Soft Tissue Diseases


  • Oral Hard Tissue Diseases

    Oral Hard Tissue Diseases


  • Manual of Clinical Periodontics

    Manual of Clinical Periodontics


  • Clinician's Endodontic Handbook

    Clinician's Endodontic Handbook


  • Manual of Dental Implants

    Manual of Dental Implants


  • The Little Dental Drug Booklet

    The Little Dental Drug Booklet


  • Dental Office Medical Emergencies

    Dental Office Medical Emergencies



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