In the News: Panel Emphasizes Community Pharmacy Patient Care in 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

Heading into 2020, community-based pharmacies are focusing on patient-facing services and care as a way to achieve a variety of organizational and business goals. To that end, Drug Store News hosted as Industry Issues Summit in New York City in December, including a panel dedicated to “Enabling Patient-Facing Care.”

A summary of the panel’s remarks was published on the DSN site in the article “Upending Challenges to Patient-Facing Care.”

Personalization is Key

The panel of pharmacy executives emphasized the need to personalize care for patients throughout their healthcare journey, with one speaker noting that “patients need an advocate throughout their entire healthcare journey for help with everything from finding financial support, to identifying a physician, to understanding their medications.”

The community pharmacist is positioned to provide that level of support, the panelists maintained. Whether it is serving as a central point of communication for a chronically ill patient who has multiple providers or learning which forms of communication are most effective for a particular patient, the panelists offered several examples of how pharmacists have the ability to make the personalized connections patients need.

The Right Technology

“The folks that figure out the best combination between a human intervention and a technology intervention, the right way for the right patient, will ultimately win,” Nimesh Jhaveri, president of Health Mart and senior vice president at McKesson, told the attendees.

Panelists discussed the twofold importance of enabling technology:

  • Patient-facing resources that digitally connect consumers to the pharmacy
  • Professional solutions that free up the pharmacist to spend more time on patient interactions and develop relationships

“Technology can dramatically improve patient safety — from flagging drug interactions to preventing wrong prescriptions getting distributed to patients,” said panelist Frank Starn, CEO of PerceptiMed. “Technology can also be a tremendous enabler and create opportunities for personal interactions. So it’s about taking an interest and bringing empathy to every counseling opportunity. Taking the time to really understand that journey and, in doing so, support and guide patients.”

To learn more, read the full article.

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